About Us

Upper Deck Chatter’s co-founders, in attendance at an Islanders game.

We created Upper Deck Chatter in the Summer of 2013 as a means for us to share our opinions on all things sports and sports media. As two young men whose wide ranging sports interests include European soccer, Major League Baseball, both NCAA and Pro Football and Basketball and much more, we had been seeking a new outlet to discuss our views on these topics, and the idea of creating a blog only seemed to make sense.

At Upper Deck Chatter, we believe that there is not a direct correlation between a fan’s passion and the face value of their ticket, owing the title of our blog at least in part to those fans who sit in the Upper Deck at games and who, though they may not have box seats, are just as passionate – if not more – than their “Diamond Club” or “Suite Level” counterparts.

Though we may not be your No.1 source for “Breaking News” or “Exclusive Coverage” of most topics, we’re confident that we can provide added perspectives and information of interest to you and help satisfy your hunger for sports coverage and analysis.

DISCLAIMER: Our blog is in no way related to the trading card company “Upper Deck”, though we expressly reserve the right to discuss trading cards made by companies including but not limited to the aforementioned “Upper Deck.”