2014 MLB All-Star Game Preview

Tuesday brings us the once-a-year occasion in which the greatest players in baseball gather together to play an exhibition…
…that means something. So, not an exhibition in the traditional sense of the word. Nevertheless

The 85th MLB All-Star Game


When: Tuesday at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT. Coverage starts at 7:30 ET/4:30 PT

Where: Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, in Minneapolis, MN.

TV: Pre- and Post-game coverage on Fox Sports 1 (Beginning at 4:30 ET/1:30 PT), ESPN (SportsCenter at the All-Star Game, 6 ET/3 PT), MLB Network (Intentional Talk & MLB Tonight, both live from the All-Star Game, starting at 5 ET/2 PT). MLB Network will also have the All-Star Red Carpet Show Tuesday afternoon, beginning at 3 ET/Noon PT.

Weather Forecast: High 60s/Low 70s at first pitch, Partly Sunny, 50% humidity and NW winds around 7 mph

Commentators: Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds, Tom Verducci, and Ken Rosenthal will call the game.

This is Gary Cederstrom. He will be the man calling balls and strikes. This is a blog, and you are reading about an All-Star Game.

This is Gary Cederstrom. He will be the man calling balls and strikes. This is a blog, and you are reading about an All-Star Game.

Umpires: Gary Cederstrom – crew chief and home plate (2nd ASG), Jeff Nelson – 1st base (2nd ASG), Bob Davidson – 2nd base (3rd ASG), Scott Barry – 3rd base (1st ASG), Todd Tichenor – left field (1st ASG), and Vic Carapazza – right field (1st ASG). Jerry Layne will be the replay official at the Replay Operations Center in New York.

Official Scorers: Stew Thornley, Gregg Wong, and La Velle Neal. Thornley and Wong are longtime scorers based in the Minnesota area, and Neal is a writer for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and currently the head of the BBWAA.

Managers (and other coaches): 

National LeagueMike Matheny – St. Louis Cardinals (1st ASG), with Fredi Gonzalez – Atlanta Braves (2nd ASG as coach), and Clint Hurdle – Pittsburgh Pirates (2nd ASG as coach) serving as coaches as well.

American League: John Farrell – Boston Red Sox (1st ASG – though he did serve as Terry Francona’s pitching coach in 2008), with Ron Gardenhire – Minnesota Twins (3rd ASG as coach), and Terry Francona (3rd ASG as coach – served as manager twice previously) serving as coaches as well.

Ceremonial First PitchRod Carew (Hall of Fame class of 1991, 12 years as a player for the Minnesota Twins).

National Anthem singer (and other musical performances): Idina Menzel (Tony Award winner, most known for this). Prior to the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Menzel will perform a rendition of Bob Dylan’s song “Forever Young,” as part of the ceremony highlighting the 30 teachers selected through the PEOPLE All-Star Teachers program. Performing the Canadian National Anthem will be the Minnesota Orchestra Brass Quintet, and Joe Nichols will sing God Bless America.

Starting Lineups:

What (Else) You Need To Know:

  • This year, the All-Star Game can also be streamed online and on mobile devices, both by authenticated users through Fox’s Fox Sports Go, and by MLB.TV premium subscribers.
  • For all things All-Star Game related, Eric Fisher of Sports Business Journal is a great follow on Twitter, and he’s in attendance for the festivities in the Twin Cities.
  • Oh hey, you ever heard of this Derek Jeter guy? Yeah so this is his last season – in case you weren’t aware – meaning this is his last All-Star Game. And he’s leading off. And there’ll be interviews, and hoopla, and a whole lot more. Hunker down, non-Yankee fans and neutral baseball fans alike, the Derek Jeter mania is going to be at THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT tomorrow.
  • I wrote earlier about how it was a two-horse race in each league for who should start the All-Star game, but that for my money it should be Felix Hernandez and Clayton Kershaw. John Farrell’s decision got a whole lot easier when Masahiro Tanaka hit the disabled list, and Monday Farrell announced that Hernandez would start for the AL. Mike Matheny, however, did what I guess we all should have expected — he went with his guy. It will be Adam Wainwright, not Clayton Kershaw, who starts for the NL. But then again, some will argue it doesn’t really matter what order in which they appear…

  • I’m sitting here writing this while watching the Home Run Derby, and I’m not planning on making a prediction, but I do have a request: just be better than this damn thing.
  • This year’s All-Star Game will features special on-field caps, made in the design of an old Minnesota Twins batting helmet. Here’s a look at each team’s version:

All Star Game On-field caps

  • Alright and fine this is the millionth reminder you’ll have — “this one counts.” Whichever team wins will have home-field advantage in the World Series.
  • I got nothing else, man. This is an exhibition. The whole idea – as far as I know – is to watch the best players play against each other. Things like Clayton Kershaw vs. Adam Wainwright and Felix Hernandez vs. Giancarlo Stanton. Hopefully we get some entertaining baseball without too much B.S.

– Dylan


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