MLB Draft News, Notes and Names

Bud's last season as commissioner, thank heavens. Photo Credit: Bill Kostroun/Associated Press

Bud’s last season as commissioner, thank heavens. Photo Credit: Bill Kostroun/Associated Press

Because everyone is doing it (boy I may really have been wrong. I may be the only one doing it) here’s my rundown of the MLB Draft, including but not limited to facts, figures, interesting bits of information, and the great names selected. And yes, there will be an emphasis on the places I’m familiar with; NYC, Seattle and the Northwest.

Facts, figures, stats and more:

  • Within the first six rounds, the Jays took pitchers named “Hoffman” and “Huffman.” I’m worried Alex Anthopolous thinks Trevor Hoffman is in this draft.
  • Including the variation that is spelled with a “c,” there were eight different players selected named Fisher/Fischer as well as one Zachary Fish. My theory: teams are trying to capitalize on the success of Mike Trout.
  • Eight players were selected out of the University of Washington including RHP Jeff Brigham (Los Angeles Dodgers – 4th Round), OF Robert Pehl (Kansas City Royals – 11th Round), RHP Jared Fisher (Philadelphia Phillies – 15th Round), SS Erik Forgione (Pittsburgh Pirates – 25th Round) in the first 25 rounds alone. The eight selections are the most Huskies ever taken in the MLB Draft.
  • The University of Texas Longhorns were the first team to clinch a spot in the College World Series and had six players selected in the draft, with the highest selection being 6’4″ 205 lbs RHP John Curtiss (Minnesota Twins – 6th Round). Six players is the most selected out of Texas since nine in 2011 and marks the fifth straight draft with at least four Longhorns selected.
  • 15 different Canadians were selected with the highest selection being Competitive Balance Round B selection 6’4″ 220 lbs OF Gareth Morgan by the Seattle Mariners. The Houston Astros took three Canadians, the most in MLB.
  • Five different players from outside of United States/Canada/Puerto Rico were selected, the highest being a young man with the first name of “Anfernee” who will be discussed in brief a bit later.
  • The Louisville Cardinals, also headed to the College World Series, saw eight players drafted, the most for them since 2010 when 10 players were selected. The earliest selection was 6’4″ 220 lbs RHP Nick Burdi who was selected by the Minnesota Twins in the 2nd round, 46th overall pick.
  • Ole Miss led all schools with nine players drafted and all of them coming in the first 29 rounds. Ole Miss’ nine players selected was the most out of the school since 2009 when 11 were taken and this is the 11th consecutive draft in which the Rebels had at least five players taken.

Notable selections from the Northwest:

  • 1st round, 10th overall by the New York Mets (OF Michael Conforto) and 3rd round, 87th overall by the San Francisco Giants (RF Dylan Davis) are both outfielders out of Oregon State and Redmond High School, just outside of Seattle.
  • 3rd round, 85th overall: Milwaukee Brewers select Cy Sneed (always great to have a pitcher named “Cy”) from Dallas Baptist University and Twin Falls, ID (Twin falls HS)
  • 14th round, 412th overall: Philadelphia Phillies select OF Chase Harris out of the University of New Mexico, a transfer from the College of Southern Idaho and originally from Centennial High School in Boise.
  • 14th round, 427th overall: Tampa Bay Rays select LHP Trevor Lubking out of Pacific Lutheran University and White River High School in Buckley, Washington.
  • 19th round, 575th overall: Cincinnati Reds select RHP Isaac Anderson of the College of Southern Idaho and Rock Mountain High School in Boise.
  • 26th round, 781st overall: Baltimore Orioles select RHP Gage Burland out of East Valley HS near Spokane, WA.
  • 38th round, 1,144th overall: Washington Nationals select RF Stuart Fairchild out of Seattle Prep.

Other picks of note:

  • 1st overall pick: Houston Astros select Brady Aiken, who is very bronze. Like…about the same as a certain athletic director. Some of you know what I’m talking about. Also, no word yet on whether or not he’s related to Clay.
  • 1st round, 7th overall: Philadelphia Phillies select RHP Aaron Nola, because of course a kid named “Nola” went to LSU
  • 1st round, 21st overall: Cleveland Indians select OF Bradley Zimmer out of the University of San Francisco, whose older brother Kyle went fifth overall two years ago. Don Zimmer passes away and then a day later this kid gets drafted?
    …sorry, guys
  • 1st round, 27th overall: St. Louis Cardinals select RHP Luke Weaver out of Florida State, who joins a legendary pantheon of Weavers to play baseball like Jeff, Jered and Earl.
    lol Jeff Weaver
  • 1st round, 31st overall: Cleveland Indians select LHP Justus Sheffield out of Tullahoma HS (TN). Apparently it’s not JUST US, as this kid is Gary’s nephew.
  • Competitive Balance Round A, 35th overall: Colorado Rockies select 2B Forrest Wall out of Orangewood Christian HS (CA), who will soon join Forrest Snow as the second two-noun-named guy-named-Forrest in the minor leagues.
  • Competitive Balance Round A, 36th overall: Houston Astros select OF Derek Fisher out of the University of Virginia, who was apparently ready to move on from the NBA altogether.
  • 2nd round, 56th overall: Kansas City Royals select RHP Scott Blewett out of Baker HS (NY). I would say the Royals BLEW this one, but…
    …sorry guys. I’m gonna stop apologizing soon though
  • 3rd round, 76th overall: Miami Marlins select 2B Brian Anderson out of the University of Arkansas, who is definitely on the stuff.
  • 3rd round, 94th overall: Cincinnati Reds select RHP Wyatt Strahan out of Southern Cal. No word yet on whether or not he’s related to gap tooth.
  • 3rd round, 96th overall: Tampa Bay Rays select LHP Brock Burke out of Evergreen HS (CO), who has me wondering whether the Rays thought they were getting Brooke Burke #Slumpbuster
  • 3rd round, 103rd overall: Boston Red Sox select RHP Edward Cosart out of Seminole State (FL) whose brother Jarrod is a righty for the Astros.
  • 4th round, 121st overall: Baltimore Orioles select RHP Pat Connaughton out of the University of Notre Dame. I had the privilege to work a broadcast of a game Connaughton pitched in, but if you think you remember the name from somewhere else, you’re correct. Connaughton was a solid player for the Fighting Irish basketball team as well.
  • 4th round, 127th overall: Tampa Bay Rays select RHP Blake Bivens out of George Washington. Not to be confused with Mariners RHP Blake Beavan.
  • 5th round, 141st overall: Seattle Mariners select RHP Dan Altavilla out of Merceyhurst College, who just won an inaugural award given to the most outstanding pitcher in Division II. Who is the award named after? Former Mariners RHP Brett Tomko.
  • 5th round, 160th overall: Detroit Tigers select C Shane Zeile out of UCLA who is the nephew of, yep you guessed it, Todd Zeile, who also attended UCLA.
  • 6th round, 175th overall: New York Mets select C Tyler Moore out of LSU, which is weird because I thought you couldn’t just go and draft guys who already play for another team.
  • 6th round, 185th overall: Cincinnati Reds select RHP Jose Lopez out of Seton Hall, who I’ve already seen play baseball in person in a Mariners uniform. The Reds just drafted an All-Star second baseman. Good for them.
  • 6th round, 188th overall: Cleveland Indians select CF Greg Allen out of San Diego State, which is weird because that’s also the name of my doctor and he also went to school in San Diego.
  • 7th round, 197th overall: Miami Marlins select SS Anfernee Seymour out of American Heritage School (FL), whose teammate Milton Ramos went to the Mets in the 3rd round. Three guesses who he is named after.
  • 8th round, 227th overall: Miami Marlins select CF Stone Garrett out of George Ranch HS (TX). Once you’re past the seventh round, I have no problem taking a guy simply because his name is “Stone.”
  • 8th round, 229th overall: Chicago Cubs select LHP Tommy Thorpe out of the University of Oregon and Evergreen HS in Vancouver, WA, who is a guaranteed athlete.
  • 8th round, 241st overall: Baltimore Orioles select 2B Steve Wilkerson out of Clemson. May or may not be related to Brad or Muhammad.
  • 9th round, 277th overall: Tampa Bay Rays select RHP Chris Pike out of Oklahoma City U (OK), who will go on to captain the USS Enterprise from 2251 to 2262.
  • 10th round, 303rd overall: Kansas City Royals select LHP Nick Green out of the University of Utah, who is in his second life in baseball after having been a utility infielder from 2004-2013.

The 10th round was the final round of the second day of the draft, and that meant that beginning Saturday at 1 ET, over 1,000 young men would be selected in Rounds 11-40. I will continue this exercise of making jokes, beginning in Round 11

  • 14th round,420th overall (lol): Arizona Diamondbacks select a 6’5″ 245 lbs 1B named Kevin Cron out of Texas Tech whose brother C.J. is already up with the Angels.
  • 14th round, 422nd overall: New York Yankees select 6’4″ 250 lbs RHP Sean Carley out of the University of West Virginia who looks like, well, I’ll let Ben Badler handle this

  • 15th round, 454th overall: Washington Nationals select 6’6″ 205 lbs 1B Ryan Ripken out of Indian River State (FL) and yes, he is the son of the Ironman, Cal Ripken Jr.
  • 16th round, 486th overall: Texas Rangers select 6’2″ 170 lbs RHP Reed Garrett out of the Virginia Military Institute who, along with having two first names, made history Friday night by throwing out the first pitch in Yakima Valley Pippins history!
  • 17th round, 500th overall: Minnesota Twins select 5’11” 185 lbs LHP Mat Batts. All kinds of greatness here
      • The guy’s name rhymes.
      • “Batts” is one of those fantastic baseball names.
      • 500th overall. A round number is pretty cool.
      • The guy throws left but bats right. Or should I say he BATTS right. Good luck, kid.
  • 18th round, 533rd overall: Colorado Rockies select 6’0″ 205 lbs RHP James Lomangino out of St. John’s. I’ve worked a number of games Lomo has pitched in and seen him play a number of times. Lomangino is the fourth Red Storm product in the Rockies system, and we’re wishing him nothing but the best going forward. Make us proud, James!
  • 18th round, 555th overall: St. Louis Cardinals select CF Blake Drake out of Concordia University (OR), whose noteworthiness of course comes from having a name that rhymes.
  • 19th round, 558th overall: Chicago White Sox select LHP Aaron Bummer out of Nebraska, a pick that already has us in the dumps.
  • 19th round, 564th overall: Toronto Blue Jays select CF Cliff Brantley out of Adelphi (NY), whose father, also named Cliff, was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in 1986 and had a cup of coffee with the Phils in the early 90s.
  • 19th round, 585th overall: St. Louis Cardinals select CF Dominic Thompson-Williams out of Iowa Western Community College. Here’s hoping this kid makes it to the bigs because seeing “Thompson-Williams” on the back of a jersey would be neat.
  • 20th round, 603rd overall: Kansas City Royals select C Kyle Pollock out of the University of Evansville. Let’s make sure we keep Andrew Catalon away from his games.
  • 20th round, 613th overall: Atlanta Braves select 6’3″ 230 lbs C Wigberto Nevarez, and “Wigberto” is a great name.
  • 23rd round, 684th overall: Toronto Blue Jays select 6’4″ 225 lbs RHP Zachery Pop out of Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School (ON), and there’s only one thing that should be his walkup song
  • 23rd round, 705th overall: St. Louis Cardinals 3B Joe Gillette out of Scotts Valley High School (CA) because he’s the best a man can get.
  • 24th round, 716th overall: San Diego Padres select RHP Bubba Blau out of Dixie State (UT) in an effort to restore baseball’s quota of Bubbas.
  • 25th round, 751st overall: Baltimore Orioles select 6’4″ 215 lbs LHP Brandon Bonilla out of Grand Canyon University (AZ) who is the son of some guy getting paid by the Mets until 2035. Oh, and he’s also a “Bats Right-Throws Left” guy.
  • 27th round, 797th overall: Miami Marlins select C Christopher HOO ARE YOU HOO HOO HOO HOO. HOO ARE YOU I REALLY WANT TO KNOW out of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
  • THIS JUST IN 28th round, 837th overall: San Diego Padres sel THEY TOOK JOHNNY FOOTBALL. JOHNNY MANZIEL WAS DRAFTED BY THE PADRES. Oh boy guys. Carry on. This’ll be fun.
  • 29th round, 872nd overall: New York Yankees select RHP Mariano Rivera out of Iona and yes, it’s Mo’s son.
  • 30th round, 890th overall: Minnesota Twins select LHP Theo Theofanopoulous out of Cal. Haven’t had a solid long-named Greek kid in the majors in awhile. Plus plus last name.
  • 30th round, 893rd overall: Colorado Rockies select RHP Hunter Brothers out of Lipscomb University. Great name, both given and sur.
  • 36th round, 1,094th overall: Boston Red Sox select RHP Bradley Wilpon out of The Brunswick School (CT), son of Mets COO Jeff Wilpon and grandson of Mets principal owner Fred Wilpon.
  • 37th round, 1,098th overall: Chicago White Sox select 1B Jed Sprague, son of former Mariner and former All-Star Ed Sprague.
  • 38th round, 1,137th overall: San Diego Padres select 2B Louis-Philippe Pelletier out of Cegep de Maisonneuve in Quebec. That is a mouthful of French.
  • 38th round, 1,138th overall: San Francisco Giants select 5’9″ 175 lbs C Benito Santiago out of Coral Springs Christian Academy (FL), son of the former All-Star of the same name. The younger Benito was previously selected by the Chicago Cubs in the 31st round of the 2010 draft.
  • 38th round, 1,142nd overall: Kansas City Royals select 6’0″ 225 lbs RHP Andre Del Bosque out of the University of Houston – Victoria. No word on whether or not any relation to the head coach of the Spanish national soccer team.
  • 38th round, 1,150th overall: Detroit Tigers select 1B Magglio Ordonez out of American Heritage School (FL), who is obviously the son of the former big league slugger of the same name.
  • 39th round, 1,175th overall: Cincinnati Reds select C Seth Roadcap out of Capital High School in West Virginia. Roadcap is also something he will wear during baseball games.
  • 39th round, 1,177th overall: Tampa Bay Rays select 1B Blake Grant-Parks out of Cal State Monterey Bay. As my father says, should have been from Chicago.
  • 40th round, 1,189th overall: Chicago Cubs select CF Diamond Johnson from Hillsborough HS (FL) and anyone named “Diamond” unquestionably has a great baseball name.


Alright folks, that’s what I got. Until next year!

– Dylan



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